Monday, November 28, 2005

Goals and an exit strategy

I'm continuing to think about my next round of goals. I realize my dreams of quitting my day job need to mesh with concrete goals of steps along the way. So now I'm asking myself if people who suddenly lost their jobs had been given a year or two's notice, what steps would they take along the way to prepare themselves for the change?

The steps become obvious - learn to live on one income, start making more money on the side so that another income can be developed, save as much as possible, stop wasting time, learn more skills, write that book, etc. Work much harder during this time of harvest to put back for leaner times. Stop spending so much on junk.

Write down the reasons why I want to quit that job and what I would do instead. Write down each goal and quantify it. For example, "save more money" is good. "Save $25 more each pay period" is better.

It's time to get committed!

I also keep telling myself that we have got to live on budget but it isn't happening. I think it might be better to do it 10% at a time. I can start doing an automatic withdrawl of 10% more each month or two.

I've got to get these goals in writing before January 1.

They need to be evaluated monthly.

We've made a good start by not increasing our Christmas budget this year (we do a good job sticking to our Christmas budget and I'm very thankful for that!) I'm also glad we didn't just wipe it out either. There really is an art to this balancing act.


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