Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What's a 6K filing?

I looked at NGPS (my current position) and it was down at the closing. I also noticed an after hours trade that was around 40 cents lower and wondered if something was going on. I was looking at NGPS on Big Charts and there's a link right there for news on the company. They had completed a 6-K filing. I wanted to try to research it but my husband needed the computer. I got busy cooking and honestly forgot about it until this morning.

Professional "money" people are probably either dying laughing or shaking their heads in disbelief. I'm sharing everything that's happening along the way for my own benefit and so others can see the kinds of things you may experience.

A busy day is coming up - Wednesdays are crammed full from early morning till around 10 at night so there won't be any time for researching today. We attend church on Wednesday nights and our housekeeper comes on alternate Thursdays. That means after getting home late, my husband and I perform a ritual called "Room Rescues" that we learned from FlyLady, a free Internet coaching service for homemakers. We set a timer for 15 minutes then work on one room like maniacs straightening up, etc. We always beat the clock and then run to the next room. I know it sounds weird but our Cyntia (and she has become a part of our family - we love her) can't do her job if we have books, toys and clothes strewn everywhere.

I'll check on NGPS from work and if it seriously starts breaking down (price going down on unusually high volume), I'll sell it.


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