Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wow! So close!

I took the day as a vacation day and watched the market a little this morning. I was fascinated, as always, but had a hot date with a certain little grandson. His mom is in New York and I was invited to take her place at the Thanksgiving feast hosted by his preschool!

We had a blast and dad let him skip school for the rest of the day and tomorrow allowing him to go goof off with us! We went to the natural foods supermarket we frequent to pick up the organic turkey we ordered. A TV crew was there covering "alternative Thanksgiving dinners" and Connor and I were interviewed on camera. It must have been a slow news day! (And I'm such a dork I didn't even think to ask what news channel this was!)

We stopped at Panera for a snack and started chatting with a young girl who was on-line using her laptop. I was dying to ask her to check a quote for me but decided that would be extremely rude! She was sitting by the fire, sipping her latte and ordering plane tickets. (Note to self: Get a laptop for crying out loud!) Connor and I did try to check a quote using my cell phone but the menus had changed. My cell company charges an awful lot for web minutes - Connor was asking about stock quotes and decided it was a stocking (a la Christmas stocking.) Yea kid! That's exactly how I want to think of it!

We got home a little later than planned and I went straight to the computer to check the stock market. Oh so close! If you'll recall, the sell point is 30.22. You can check out today's action here.

I can't wait for tomorrow! There will be the market to watch, pies to bake and one really cool kid to dote on!


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