Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Holiday

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

We had a delicious feast yesterday! The book "The Best Recipe" detailed a roasting technique that worked really well for us. The food was fabulous; family gathered around (including my siblings from two different states) the table made the day merry! We're heading to Atlanta to visit my son and his significant other. She received devasting news last Wednesday that her sister has melanoma - a dangerous form of skin cancer. They opted to spend the day with her so we'll visit them today.

This was our second year roasting a free range turkey - they are delicious!
GCO had a decent run Wednesday and I'm hoping that it will sell today (though the trading volume will be light due to the holiday weekend.) I'm also hoping my son has a laptop with wireless access. Knowing him, he'll want to spend the day out and about the shoppers in Atlanta. I used to deal with shopping by finding a mom chair so I could read; now I need a laptop! Maybe I should talk to Santa! (Ladies - the Santa at Lenox is a flirt - wink at him as you pass by and you'll see what I mean!)


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