Thursday, November 18, 2004


I will post a new scorecard after every deposit and trade. Be prepared - there will be downs as well as ups.

The point of a scorecard is not to brag. I'm trying to share how I hope to make money. I don't see many stock analysts posting their track record and I think they should.

I also hope it inspires people to see that they can start with a small amount of money. I actually started this on-line broker account with $500 several years ago.

1/2004 Stock: $1227.67
Cash: 24.13

11/2004 Stock: $1351.00
Cash: 48.20

Today: Cash: $1524.88

My trades have settled - woo hoo! I can try to get back in the market tomorrow!

I'm up 24.20% for the year. Realize some of this increase is because I have deposited some money to this account (and no - I am not going through an entire year of history to sort it out - at least not tonight!)

I do see that the percentage increase of stock holdings from January to November is about 10%.
I'm not sure if that's a fair assessment as I don't hold stocks in this account. I buy and sell at a small profit as quickly as I can.

But as I continue to blog my efforts, I'll always note when I deposit money along with the profit or loss of each stock trade.

Fair enough?


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