Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday Scorecard

Value of stock: 1492.50
Cash: 602.09
Total $2094.59

The value of the stock I own is as of the market's closing on Friday. The stock is up and close to its selling point. Cash is up as my husband gifted me $500. This rarely happens by the way; I had missed buying a stock waiting for funds to settle. This settlement time could be bypassed if I was approved to trade on margin. Another requirement was a minimum of $2000 in the account. He gave me $500 to bring it up. My husband is tight and his vote of confidence was a real shot in the arm for me.

At these levels a successful trade yielding a 2% increase nets about $35 (you can't trade the entire amount as you can't buy parts of a share - I'm estimating right now I'll be plopping down about $1500 a trade.)

Now when I see an opportunity to save that much money and invest it, I grab it. I guess it's a different perspective of the worth of $35.

On December 31, I'll compute the percent increase of this account after throwing out all deposits.

The financial shows on Fox News this morning were all positive. Everyone is talking about a Santa Claus rally! No matter what the "news" is, I aim to stick to my plan. Find quality stocks that are on the move. Buy and sell as soon as they increase 2% plus enough to cover comissions. Or should the trade go the other way - sell if the stock drops by 8%.

That's all folks! If I don't get on line tomorrow, have a great Sunday!


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