Saturday, November 27, 2004


I watched TV with my husband this afternoon while we shared lunch. I'll bet you can guess what we had! Why is it that the good Thanksgiving casseroles taste even better warmed up? The gravy was incredible this year so we also warmed sliced turkey in the gravy and made hot, open faced sandwiches. It's finally cold here and both of us had just come in.

One of those Mastercard "priceless" commercials aired - $29 for the toy then it flipped to the cute shots of the baby playing with the box. "Playing with the box ... Priceless!"

I thought our meal was priceless - you can't go out and "buy" the good leftovers - the ones that fill your whole house with the smells of good home cooking. Better yet, our lunch was free!

I thought of another priceless day we shared this year - our grandson came over and our plans were to take him to ToysRUs as there was a new game we wanted to get for him. All the whirley bird leaves had fallen onto our back patio and he begged to stay and play with the leaves. He told us they were helicopter leaves and showed us how to throw them up in the air and watch them twirl and they fell to the ground.

We all forgot about the store and played outside for hours seeing the world fresh again through the eyes of a child. Later that night, my husband and I talked and talked amazed that it was becoming clear to us that the one big area we had failed our own children in was taking time to just play.

As we continue to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend, consider leaving a comment sharing your own "priceless" times or experiences. As I continue my work to financial independence, I want to stop spending money on things that wind up enslaving me and find more time to see the priceless things in life. This may be a thought that will make you richer too!


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