Monday, November 29, 2004

Plan the work and work the plan!

GCO briefly hit above 30.22 this morning and my sell order for all 50 shares executed at 30.23.

Total cash after the sell (this was my only position in the account):

I quickly checked IBD for the stocks moving up in price on high volume. This is featured on the front page and available to all. I started looking at the stock checkups on each one. PARL was way up and I could have bought more shares (helps you get to that 2% point more quickly as you need to make less money to cover commissions) but I wasn't happy with all the scores. This is for luxury fragrance and the sector wasn't doing that well. Remember, part of my plan is buy stocks I wouldn't mind owning should it it stall. I want to be able to sleep at night!

I liked the fundamentals for NGPS the best so next went to Big Charts to look at the chart. I have been learning a little about technical analysis and probably know enough to be dangerous. I can't get enough of it though. To me the checkup on fundamentals guides me to what stock to buy. The technical analysis tells me if it's a good time to buy this stock. The chart shows a clear uptrend. My husband and I argue over charts like this. He says it's gone too high; the stock costs too much. I say it costs a lot because it's performing. I did look at the MACD and made a note to self to learn more about these indicators. That indicator was up.

The overall market is down. I took a deep breath and decided to buy anyway. I bought 75 shares that filled at 26.14. A couple quick computations gave me the sell price of 26.93 (enough to cover commissions and give me a 2% gain.) I entered a sell order for that amount with a GTC (good until it's cancelled) and updated this blog.

Now time to eat some quick (free) leftovers and head back to the office where things are NOT going as well. Thankfully I'm just a team member and the problems we're having aren't my fault. I hate it anyway and just had my priorities yanked again.
I love the people I work with and recognize that these are things out of our control.
I can't wait for freedom day!


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