Monday, November 22, 2004

Note to self:

Remember I warned you that I'm not a professional ...

I read some this weekend about a sluggish holiday trading week being anticipated. (It probably would have been better not to put in a buy order the Friday before Thanksgiving week!)

In spite of my inexperience, I'm working the plan. I DO have a position with a sell order in place. If the stock reaches 30.22 (a 2% gain plus enough to cover the commissions) the order should initiate. My husband is home this week and he agreed to keep an eye on it. Should it fall by 8%, he'll sell it for me. The most important thing is to protect the capital and then to make money of course.

An interesting observation: I traded on paper for a long time before opening an on-line account. I always said "assuming these trades executed" when showing someone the results. I figured a bit player like myself wouldn't necessarily get the trades. In other words, just because the stock hit that price that day didn't mean it executed.

I watched the data during my last trade and was amazed that as soon as the stock hit my price, the sell order hit and executed. All for just 35 shares.



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