Sunday, November 21, 2004

A day of rest

My daughter and I have been discussing women who want to work from home. She says I got it wrong. She's a SAHM and says that every mom she knows is going nuts and they want to run a business from home. She said it's not so much making tons of money (though no one would turn it down) but it's more of having a mental challenge.

I'm in the corporate world and all the moms I know want to work from home making some decent money. They long to be home mainly to spend time with their children but also to make homes for their families. Most of them are locked into their jobs as they help support their families in a significant way.

Where do you fit in? What kind of information are you seeking? What are your goals and/or dreams?

I have experience in working from home doing actual labor for others (several jobs including typing in the 80's, writing computer programs and providing childcare.) I also ran a small Internet business for several years. It broke even but provided large tax breaks resulting in sizable (and legal) tax refunds. I learned a lot from that experience and would love to talk about it. Now I'm seeking to find a way to churn out dependable income without having to be at the computer 8 hours a day. The avenue I'm investigating is stock trading. I also know some people working from home in different capacities.

I can see that lots of you are stopping by; if I get any comments or questions, I'll see what I can do about coming up with information for you to read on this blog that may meet your needs.

Are you a SAHM who wants to make some money on the side? It would be so easy to get discussions going that will give you some viable ideas.

The main thing I want to say here is that the little person can be enpowered to have a business or invest. You don't have to have tons of money to start earning some money with your computer - just look at some of the successes on eBay!

I hope to hear from you and hope some great discussions get started!


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